Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Today is your wedding day and I couldn’t be happier than I am now, writing this to you. You will be feeling so loved throughout this day but I want you to know that you were loved every day of your life. Whenever you feel heavy hearted or alone, maybe this letter will make you feel strong even long after I’m gone.

For the longest time, until you were born, I thought there’s no one I would love more than your mother. She was the centre of my universe and every decision I made was around her. And then, you popped up into our lives. Holding you in my arms the very first time was almost as emotional as I’m feeling now letting you go and watching you move on ahead in life. You were so cute and tiny and I knew in that moment that your mom became my second favorite girl because you were my #1. I mean, how could you not be? You were the size of my arm with big beautiful eyes like your mother and so precious. You became my heartbeat from that day onwards.

Every giggle, every gargle, every little cough, every dirty diaper…. I saw it all. Raising you felt like my purpose in life. Watching you grow up was difficult because I wasn’t ready to see my little girl take on the world. I wanted to protect you from it. Whenever you came home with the tiniest scratch, I wanted to put you in a box and carry you around with me so you’re always safe. I can’t tell you the kind of anxiety I still feel when I don’t know where you are for even 10 minutes. You’ll understand this when you have a daughter of your own. You grew up to be a beautiful, successful, brave woman and I’m so beyond proud of you. Remember that every day. That your father is immensely proud of you and is always there for you no matter what. Family always comes first. I understood that after you came along.

Today is going to be the happiest day of our lives. But it’s bittersweet for me because it means I won’t get to see as often as before but there’s no one better I’d share you with other than the man you’re about to marry. I’m happy

you’re going to be well taken care of by him. It makes this transition less worrisome for me. You have made my life worth living and being your dad is my greatest achievement in life. To me, you’ll always be the 3-year-old who says ‘daddy’ so many times before falling asleep. Have a great life, kid.

Yours truly,