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A story of magic, marriage and more

Have you ever wondered how certain things happen by design? How someone who was living in a completely different part of the world suddenly moves to your office and happens to meet you by chance? Do you call it a mere coincidence or do you choose to believe in the concept of magic? Some stories are magical. Some stories make you believe that good things can pop out of nowhere. And here is one such story – the story of Santhosh and Anitha, one that we had the joy of capturing.

Born and brought up in Coimbatore, Santhosh pursued his bachelor’s degree and started working in Glasgow until he decided to return during the time of his brother’s marriage. After being referred by a friend, he chose to attend an interview in Renault Nissan and on the very day of his interview, he came across a likeable woman, unknown to what fate had in store for them. Few weeks later, he joined the company and surprisingly found himself in the same department with the woman he had seen.

Sitting in a cabin on the other half of the floor, completely unaware about the existence of Santhosh, was Anitha who lived a content life in Chennai with she being the centre of her father’s world.

On the occasion of a colleague’s wedding, she was once travelling to Coimbatore with her friends and that was when she got a text wishing her a happy journey, asking her to message if any help was needed in Coimbatore. Thinking it was a message from a random creep, she did not respond. But having learned that the person was aware of her travel plans, she got curious that it must be someone from her department. When she mentioned about the message to her friend, they decided to look for the mobile number in the company directory and found that it was Santhosh – whom she had no idea about, until she returned to Chennai. She got to know who he was; saw him when he wasn’t noticing and curious as it may sound, his hairdo made her smile.

The voyage began when she decided to reply to his message.

What followed were conversations – a lot of them. It was the time of text messages and Google chats. The more they interacted, the more they liked each other. Some days, he cooked when no one else was home and took it to her. Some days, she created excuses at home to spend more time with him at the café nearby. Some nights, they would fight over things that faded when they would see each other the next morning. They were already a part of their every day. They had come to the realization that either was special to the other but none wanted to make a final confession.

As they grew closer, they wanted to spend more time in person and on one such occasion, in the middle of a drive, he asked her if she was willing to marry him. It was that moment which changed their lives for the better. A cup of coffee and some hot bajji with him marked that day in her memory.

It’s not the happy times which serve as a measure of how we complement the other half but the hard times – when things hit the ground. In the following months, she had to shift jobs and he met with an accident but what made it all harder was when her father passed away. It was those times that made her believe that she was with the right person. It was those times when she felt she had someone who would be there for her.

What followed was the process of having to make things work between families and even though it was uncompromising at both ends, they made it happen.

Fairy tales did come true and their journey for a lifetime started on September 12, 2014.

Shot on September 12, 2014
Shot on September 12, 2014
Shot on September 12, 2014
Shot on September 12, 2014

It’s been three years since their marriage and things are more beautiful than she thought it will ever be – blessed with such lovable in-laws and also with an unlikely gift of her mother living with her for life. When she was pregnant, her father in law made sure he travelled every fortnight to Chennai with fruits and when he couldn’t, he made sure that they were delivered to her.

She always believed it was going to be a boy and even conveyed the same to the doctor who smiled in return. When she returned from the operation theatre, she had a precious gift – a kiss on the forehead from her other half.

Ever since, the little Thejus filled everyone with a sense of content and happiness.

Not surprisingly, the little one is a bundle of joy. With a swagger that would put the best in the business to shame, he is already one for the camera with poses aplenty.

Thejus is more of a daddy’s boy. From the moment his daddy comes from office to the moment they go to sleep, he wants his daddy around, spending every minute of his time with him. While the mother believes, he will become more of mommy’s child years down the lane.

Is it not amazing how love is, but a form of happiness?

Ever since we got to know Santhosh and Anitha three years ago, we have been part of their happy occasions capturing the same as memories. Want to record your journey? Reach us at dilipanphotography@yahoo.com or +91-98849 37969