Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

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Tamil Brahmin wedding rituals

Tamil.Brahmin Wedding
Tamil.Brahmin Wedding

What is brahmin wedding?

Tambrahm is a word used to describe Brahmins who have roots in Tamilnadu. Brahmin wedding in 2022 consists of Paligai, Nichayathartham, Jaanavasam along with latest trends like haldi, sangeet, etc. Their wedding formalities are based on four Vedas.
Rituals are as follow:

1) Engagement(Nichayathartham)

Its an engagement ceremony where bride & groom exchanges rings with their family’s permission. Priest reads Lagna Patrikai(Contains family details like ancestors, family name, city,etc.), in this day date & time for muhurtham will be set. Ganapthy omam will be conducted to receive the blessings from the god.

2) Paligai

Ceremony where 9 types of grains are placed in clay pot and watered by 5 – 7 married women from both the families. This symbolizes the growth of the family, bride too joins watering the pot and finally after the marriage pots will be thrown in river or lake.

3) Jaanavasam

Its Groom entry party to the mandapam where bride’s family receives them, traditional instrument nadaswaram is played during the groom entry.

4) Vratham

In this ceremony, groom seeks permission from his father to break his brahmacharya stage. Kaapu or rakhi is tied on both groom & bride wrist as symbol of protection.

5) Kasi Yatrai

In this ceremony, father of the bride stops groom on his way to kasi and offer his daighter’s hand(bride) to groom, and then groom returns to mandapam to get married.

6) Maazhai matrudhal

Maazhai matrudhal
Maazhai Matrudhal – Brahmin wedding ritual

Special flower garlands are made with beautiful flowers such as the roses, the oranges of crossandra, the yellows of marigold and the whites of jasmine and Arabian jasmine. To add more color, purple orchids and red carnations are also added to some garlands. The priest asks the bride to garland the groom. The families and friends make it difficult for the to-be-married couple by pulling the bride and groom back when they try to garland to each other. The respective maternal uncles assist the bride and groom in garlanding each other, A special tune ‘maalai maatrinaal kothai maalai maatrinaal’ – a song that was specially composed for the Maalai Maatrudal is played on the Nadaswaram announcing the ‘garland exchange’ ritual takes place, The garland is exchanged thrice by both the bride and groom

7) Oonjal

Oonjal - Brahmin wedding ritual
Oonjal – Brahmin wedding ritual

After maalai maatrudhal ceremony, the bride & groom sit on the swing, the swing symbolizes the changes of life(ups & downs) for which couple faces it with harmony. Some families may sing traditional song during oonjal ceremony.

8) Pidhi Suthal

5 or 7 aunts with living husband from both the sides. Bless the couple by waving white, red & yellow rice balls (oorundai) in all the directions. Which pleases the gods who represents these directions.

9) Kannikadhanam


Bride sits on her father’s lap, this ceremony happens right before mangalyadharanam, wooden yoke is placed on bride’s head upon a scared grass & thaali. Prayers are chanted for her happiness and prosperity.

10) Mangalyadharanam


It’s the main event where the groom ties thaali, 3 knots, around bride’s neck during an auspicious time while nadaswaram, other insutruments are played.

11) Saptapadi & Ammi midhithal

Ammi midhithal
Ammi midhithal

Hand in hand, bride & groom take seven steps. Bride is made on step on grinding stone and metti placed on her by the groom

12) Nalangu

Fun filled event where bride & groom talk, pull each other legs. Games, songs are played in this event.